28 oct. 2009

Manual para Ares Tube en Ingles

Ares Tube is a Windows program, very easy to use which allows downloading movies, music videos and more from the most important sites such as (YouTube, DailyMotion, Metacafe, etc) and use them directly from your Desk.
The downloaded video will automatically convert in MPEG (it can be reproduced in any PC) or MP4 (it can be reproduced in iPods) and can even be saved. Besides Ares Tube can optionally import the files to atunes so that in the following synchronization the downloaded video appears in your iPod Video.
Ares Tube comes with a built-in browser which allows saving video from youtube, google video, Slip Tv, Dalily Motion and metacafe into local formats such as IPOD, MP4, MPEG. Optionally Ares Tube hill will export the videos to the itunes platform. Search the video you wish to download and click on “Add to the download list”. When you are ready, click on “Download” so that the selected files can be processed.
Download your movies from youtube, google video, myspace, blip tv, daily motion and metacafe to mpeg and IPOD videos.
Installation and configuration:
Installing this application is very easy and similar to that of any other software since you just need to accept the license contract and indicate where to install the video, after this, the application will be installed in your PC and ready to be used. .
Before starting to surf and download any type of video, the application will have to be configured.
To configure the application, go to Settings section located on the lower of the application, there you will choose the folder where you want the downloaded files to be saved.

In this same section, you will find the options to convert the video for your iPod or MPEG which could be visualize in any PC.
Video Download:
Once the application was configured, it is possible to look for the file or video to be downloaded.
The application comes with a built-in browser, so it will just be necessary to type the URL address to be surfed on the upper side of the screen.
Once selected the video to download, add it to the download list by clicking on the “+” sign on the upper side of the screen just next to the URL Bar, and automatically the you will be directed to the download list in the lower side of the screen.

To start with the download, just click on the “Download”, button; to remove any video from the list, click on the “Remove button.

Once the download was finished, go to the selected download folder to visualize the downloaded video or to upload it in your iPod.

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